Homer City Church of the Nazarene, HCN, Three Crosses

Homer City
Church of the Nazarene

Nazarene Missions International

NMI Mission Statement: To mobilize the church in mission through prayer, education, giving, and interactive experiences.

A calendar of emphases includes:

  • January: Volunteer Ministries.
  • February: Alabaster: funding for building schools, clinics, mission homes around the world.
  • March: Easter Offering for World Evangelism
  • April: Mission Education
  • May: Missionary Health Care
  • June: World Mission Broadcast
  • July: International Ministry Bible Schools and Seminaries
  • August: LINKS: Loving, Interested, Nazarenes, Knowing and Sharing
  • September: Alabaster: Funding to build buildings around the world.
  • October: Mission Priority One: Achieving Mission Goals
  • November: Thanksgiving Offering for World Evangelism
  • December: Nazarene Compassionate Ministries: Feeding the poor and meeting disaster needs.

HCN affords the following mission opportunities:

INTERNATIONAL CHILD SPONSORSHIP: HCN sponsors a child in Bangladesh, India by providing school fees and supplies as well as a hot meal each day.

WORK AND WITNESS: Volunteers travel to world areas to assist with needs on mission fields.

In February 2013 a team of twelve travelled to Honduras in Central America: Installing windows and doors in a small unfinished church. A Daily Bible School was held with Honduran children.

In October 2014, a volunteer team traveled to Belize in Central America: Ministry opportunity: Construction on the district camp site; Bible study with school children.

In May 2019, a team of 10 traveled to Hungary.

CRISIS CARE KITS are assembled twice a year. These kits are sent to world areas where disaster has struck, i.e.: Hurricane Katrina, Haiti, Philippines.